High Pressure Fittings

High Pressure Swivel Unions – 5000 PSI

These precision machined steel fittings are what you need to connect hoses of different lengths and diameters to each other or to your airless sprayer.

DO NOT USE PLUMBING FITTINGS ON YOUR AIRLESS SYSTEM! Many painters have purchased standard plumbing fittings to use on their airless system out of frustration of not finding them where they purchase their spray accessories. All of TriTech’s fittings are available for immediate delivery and are manufactured specifically for high-pressure spraying systems.

High-Pressure Nipples – 5000 PSI

These straight fittings have a male connection on both ends to connect hoses of the same or different diameters

Swivel Adapter Unions – 5000 PSI

These fittings have a female swivel connection on one end and a straight male connection on the other. Use these to connect your hose to the gun, sprayer or another hose quickly and easily.


Typically used to close up a fluid outlet on our pump manifold or to cap a hose end.

High-Pressure Live Swivel – 3600 PSI

This high-quality swivel is a “live” connection so that once it is connected and under pressure, it still swivels to reduce arm fatigue and tangles in your hose. Use to connect your hose to the sprayer or gun.

High-Pressure Ball Valve – 5000 PSI

For use with two gun units. Allows you to shut off one of the paint lines when a single gun is needed for a specific application.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality airless equipment on the market today. With a high-quality product and excellent customer service, we will exceed your expectations.


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