Extension Poles & adaptors

Tips-Extensions Aluminum

Tip extensions give you extra reach for spraying soffits, high ceilings, and reduce back fatigue when spraying floors and decks. Moving the spray head away from you also keeps you and your equipment cleaner. Includes T93R Tip guard.
4200 PSI (290 BAR)

Tips-Extensions Stainless Steel

Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel for high-pressure applications.
7500 PSI (517 BAR)

Pole Extensions Aluminum

Made from strong and lightweight aluminum alloy extrusion for spray or pressure roll applications. Smooth-ribbed 1″ (2.5cm) diameter for a sure, comfortable grip. Poles can be combined to create different lengths to suit your application. (Maximum length should not exceed 10.5′ (3.2m).
4200 PSI (290 BAR)
106-019 12″ Extruded Pole – 7/8″ Threads

Adjustable Angle Spray Head

Attach to a tip extension, pole extension, or directly to your spray gun to spray at a variety of angles. 260 degrees of rotation allows you to quickly and safetly adapt to nearly any spray application.
4200 PSI (290 BAR)

90 Degree Angel Adapter

Attach between your spray gun and extension pole to convert a standard spray gun to an in-line spray gun. Ideally suited for over-head spraying such as ceilings and trusses or for pressure rolling applications.
4200 PSI (290 BAR)

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