We have a state of the art 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility right here in the United States. 

Our Company Profile

Tritech Industries Inc. began in 2005 producing airless tips, guns, and other innovative accessories. We are part of a larger manufacturing group of companies which has been around since 1955. These companies produce a wide variety of parts for many different companies. For example, parts for military helicopters, missiles, components for supercomputers, shock absorbers, as well as countless other industrial, military, and aerospace machined parts.

As part of this award-winning manufacturing, group TriTech shares the same pride in our manufacturing capabilities and can produce at a level of precision not seen in the industry before. The care and precision that goes into every part we make are exactly the same. It starts with an innovative design which incorporates the highest quality material resulting in long duty life. Then we select the right machining center to make the part with high precision and efficiency. Finally, the part goes through a rigorous inspection to make sure it’s right.

TriTech’s engineering and sales team have been in the airless industry for over 25 years. Our goal is to couple that experience with our precision manufacturing group to produce airless sprayers with the longest duty life in the industry. Durability and reliability are the basis of all our designs. If you have used our airless spray tips you already know we are serious about quality. So when it’s time to replace that old airless think about TriTech as an American made alternative.

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Our goal is to produce the highest quality airless equipment on the market today. With a high-quality product and excellent customer service, we will exceed your expectations.


Tritech Industries, Inc.

610 Rahway Avenue
Union, NJ 07083 USA